The Universe is made of the Same Stuff

There is only one material, metaphorically speaking, that we are all made of. We are made of the same stuff.

There is ultimately no real distinction between the first plasmic expression of the source, or you and me, or a rock, a single-celled organism. Just time. Fundamentally, there is no difference.

Time is the only difference between any one thing that exists in this universe.

We are made of the same stuff, we are, everything is, the one fabric that vibrates. Even Quantum Physics has to admit, that there is no matter out there and that the deeper they look, the more the conclusion is, that the fabric of existence, and I am including not only time-space but also thoughts, energies, etc is one big ocean of frequencies, of the same substratum, of which all things are born.

That actually means that every single strand of existence is intimately connected to the source of the universe.

This source responds to every one of our thoughts, feelings, and images we hold ever so minutely. It even 'listens' to our subconscious thoughts, whether we like them or not.

The universe responds to everything that vibrates within us.

Our feelings and thoughts, whether conscious or subconscious, create vibrations that shape the substratum. Our thoughts and emotions build a blueprint for the universe to vibrate accordingly.

According to the law of attraction, the universe builds the reality around us, in fact, simply vibrates in harmony with what is vibrating within us.

Therefore, it is important that we take our vibration, our thoughts, emotions, feelings, images, and ideas within us seriously, as they are the blueprint to the substratum of the universe.

Our vibration determines what we really manifest. 

This becomes even more important to remember, the stronger your focus becomes.

Ask yourself: Which thoughts and feelings do I really want to support consciously?

  • Observe yourself when you unconsciously say something to the universe, other than what you really want, through, for example, so-called humor disguised in sarcastic remarks.
  • Then ask yourself if you really want what you're saying.
  • Start saying more often what you really want, what you really mean, and what is truly in your heart.
  • When having a wish, dream, a goal, find out what all the parts of you are feeling or saying about this one goal. Are all parts of you in alignment and supportive of this goal?

You are here likely because you have had your share of smaller or larger miracles. You have seen or felt at some time, that your thoughts, your visions, and your focus do matter.

You may even be teaching others how to manifest their dreams and their potential.

Most people who study this course have most likely manifested their parking spots, right where and when you needed them.

It is all possible because the universe is listening because everything is interconnected.

This is the year, we practice together how to raise our vibration every more, how to focus our mind in the direction of our dreams and make them come true.