WEEKLY GUIDELINE for the 1st week


Gratitude meditation to raise your vibration and expand your heart energy

by Ilona Selke


One of the greatest secrets of being able to consciously create in space and time is to vibrate at a higher frequency than the level on which you wish to create.

Your consciousness, as a spark of creative power, needs strong coherence (i.e. harmony) and radiance to be effective.

You also need a good focus and not be overwhelmed by all the signals that surround you.

To become the strong, creative force in your life, you have to pay attention to the increased vibration of your soul's core.

One of the simplest exercises to achieve this higher vibrational state is to practice gratitude.

Even if you find yourself in a lower frequency, such as experiencing doubt, fear, anger, addiction, or any other type of low vibration, you can easily lift yourself up again out of the low frequency by doing the gratitude exercise.

The gratitude exercise works like this:​​

  • With your eyes open or closed, think of something small or big that you are grateful for.
  • While you are feeling the gratitude, feel the warm, comfortable feeling that begins to unfold in your heart.

This warm comfortable feeling comes close to the feeling of love.

When we are in love, we unite with something or someone and raise our vibration, until the other person or thing becomes part of ourselves

This increase in our vibration causes our whole aura to become brighter and our light becomes more coherent.

With this brighter vibrating energy within you, you will soon experience that many things in your life will work out more easily.

I will feel like things would be coordinated from a higher level and that you manifest the desired outcome more easily.

 With the gratitude exercise, you will change from a more solid vibrating particle to a brighter vibrating wave energy, a transformation that you can usually feel within yourself.

This is the basic secret recipe, also recognized in quantum mechanics, for being in multiple places at the same time.

Every day, start your day by thinking of at least five things you are grateful for

In addition, take a little longer once a week and think about all the good things that you are grateful for that have happened in your life in the last six months.

Gratitude is truly a powerful tool in the manifestation process, and I commend you for committing to this daily practice.

When we focus on what we are grateful for, we invite more of those positive experiences into our lives. We shift our perspective from lack to abundance, from negativity to positivity.

This simple exercise has the potential to transform your entire being and elevate your consciousness to new heights.

So, keep going, keep practicing gratitude, this week, and watch as your life unfolds in miraculous ways.

You have the power to create your reality, and with gratitude as your ally, the possibilities are endless.

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