365 Daily Steps to Manifestation Mastery

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Welcome to MY IDEAL YEAR: Daily Steps to Manifestation Mastery.

Hello, Beautiful Soul! I'm Ilona Selke, author of ‘Dream Big – The Universe Is Listening’, as well as ‘Wisdom of the Dolphins’ and 'Dolphins, Love and Destiny.’

I invite you on a magical journey that spans 365 days of transformation, self-discovery, and profound connection with the universe.

Embark on a Life-Changing Adventure

1. Infuse Your Days with Hope and Optimism:

Imagine waking up every day filled with a radiant sense of hope, ready to manifest your most cherished dreams. This course is your gateway to a future where every possibility is infused with joy and wonder.

2. Unlock Th Power Of Your Focus:

Like the majestic dolphins, embrace the waves of life with strength and grace. This course will guide you to uncover the reservoir of confidence within, enabling you to navigate life's ebbs and flows with unwavering self-assurance.

3. Serenity in Every Breath:

In the stillness of mindfulness and focusing exercises that you can do daily with the LFV Lite APP, you will find your oasis of peace.

Let's journey together into practices that calm the mind, soothe the soul, and bring a harmonious balance to your everyday existence.

4. Forge a Path of Discipline and Motivation:

Align with your soul's purpose every week and set your upward trend with our weekly meditations. Stay true to your path.

I'll walk beside you as you cultivate discipline and motivation that's as enduring as the stars.

5. Craft a Tapestry of Fulfillment:

Weave the fabric of your life with threads of joy, purpose, and deep satisfaction. As you dream up your weekly and monthly goals and as you manifest your dreams, you will witness the unfolding of your confidence, power, and sense of rightness and intentionally create a life that resonates with your soul's deepest desires. Because you are listening to your heart and soul with a greater focus during this course.

6. Connect with Kindred Spirits:

In our live sessions and workshop of 90 minutes each month, find your tribe. Together, we'll create a tapestry of collective wisdom, transformation, we will support each other along our paths of growth and evolution, and love.

7. Nurture Your Eternal Curiosity:

Become like a dolphin, and leap through the infinite ocean of your life! Let your spirit soar through realms of higher consciousness, deeper wisdom, knowledge, and wonder.

Our course is a treasure-chest of discoveries, waiting for your inquisitive heart.

Your Journey Awaits

Are you ready to embrace a year of growth, manifestation, and mindfulness?

Then join "Focused Futures" and step into a world where your dreams are not just possibilities, but inevitable realities.

Embark on your journey with me and give the course a try.

Feed your heart and mind inspiration instead of caffeine and sugar.
For the cost of a couple of cups of coffee and a muffin, you can start to nourish your soul with daily practices that elevate your consciousness and ignite your inner spark, leading you on a path to true fulfillment and joy. T
Try some of the first few days for free, by checking out the curriculum below.

Course Curriculum STUDIENPLAN

Daily Inspirations & Manifestation Tools for a Conscious Life
Dive into a world of inspiring thoughts and experience 365 days full of positive energy, healing words, and personal development with the unique program presented by Ilona Selke!
Are you looking for daily motivation and a healthy lifestyle that brings body, mind, and soul into harmony?

Then join me on this extraordinary journey that will not only provide you with life tips but also bring spiritual sayings and peace of mind to your everyday life.
Every day is an opportunity to make our lives positive.
With our collection of healing words, motivational sayings, profound quotes, and text, as well as the daily videos that will deepen the inspiration, you will be inspired to direct your thoughts and uplift your spirit.
Let Ilona Selke's extensive experience in meditation and personal development guide you as you embark on a path that will lead you to a new, healthy lifestyle.

Our program offers you not only your daily dose of peace of mind and spiritual strength but also practical tools for personal development.

Ilona Selke, an internationally renowned expert, will guide you through the year with her insightful and captivating style, helping you to develop yourself and discover your inner strength.

Make "MY IDEAL YEAR with 365 Days of Transformation" your daily companion and experience how positive thoughts and a conscious lifestyle can lift your life to a new level.
Whether you're looking for meditation, healthy living, spiritual inspiration, or just a boost of positive energy, this program will guide you through the year and take you on a journey of transformation.
Start now with uplifting sayings and healing thoughts, meditations, and monthly LIVE EVENTS with Ilona Selke.

Sign up now and shape your life in a way that makes your soul shine and brings your personal development into focus.

❤ Many heartfelt thanks for your benevolent presence and your loving openness..
I really appreciate that very much🤗.
I Ifinally feel comfortable in a course, due in part because of your refreshing presence and helpfulness.
The 365 day course really helps me a lot to learn more about myself and my dreams and to consciously perceive what I really want and dare to do.
Thank you,d dear angel 😇
Enjoy your/your time in this dreamlike nature.
All the love and thank you again🙏
A. E. from Germany


A word by Ilona Selke

Train Your Mind's Superpowers: Groundbreaking Techniques for Manifestation

Start to tap into your hidden potential and unlock your superpowers today!

Join Ilona Selke's transformative 365 Day Course,

designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

With daily training exercises, you'll embark on a profound transformational experience,

developing your innate abilities and unleashing the extraordinary within you.

Take this life-changing opportunity today to awaken your superpowers

and create the reality you've always dreamed of.

Join us so that you:

  • you can focus on what is important to you every day
  • raise your vibrations and focus daily
  • train your mind to manifest the desires that are important to you
  • listen to your heart and soul every day
  • rise to higher spheres every month from Ilona Selke's LIVE guided meditations
  • meet monthly with like-minded people to meditate together
  • exchange ideas about the texts and meditations of the course.
  • Watch the daily inspiring videos to give your day a lift
  • Do your daily morning and evening meditations on the app
  • Design your vision at the beginning of your journey
  • Read your inspirational quotes every day
  • Read your inspirational text
  • Work with the daily Quiz Questions every day
  • Join the LIVE monthly meditations with Ilona Selke. The meditations are also all recorded in case you can't be there live.

Dear Ilona,
First of all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work. I am really grateful to have found this 365-Day course.
Through your daily loving and engaging way and support, I feel I am much more in touch with myself again.
I have been searching for so many years about what my potential is, what I really want, and what I can do.
Now I realize that it was "normal" for me to go through the day not being very mindful.
It is very important to deal with yourself and your dreams and wishes every day, even in very small steps and with small everyday things. This way, you don't lose track of things and don't feel overwhelmed.
Yes, you can only keep an eye on the big goal through small goals.
Every day, step by step, with your wonderful quotes and explanations, I stay in a good mood throughout the entire day.
The weekly meditations are so beautifully clear and understandable to me that my heart is completely uplifted.
I can dive wonderfully into your loving energy and let myself fall.
Gladly more...😍
For me, it is one of the best courses, at the right time, at the right place, with exactly the right coach🤗❤️

- Alexandra E. Germany

🌟 Join the Journey of Transformation 🌟

I hope you enjoyed my artistic rendition of my alter ego.🌟
Let me ask you: "Are you ready to embrace your own Inner Master and embark on a transformative journey, day by day?
From my experience of teaching over 35 years of meditation and personal growth seminars worldwide, I have seen that most people fail in the manifestation of their dreams and goals by not following through with the great wisdom they read in books or even learn at seminars.
Instead, I invite you to join me on a 365 Day journey, where you stay inspired day by day.
Picture this: Imagine yourself perched high up in the serene Himalayan mountains, surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty, immersing yourself in deep meditation, and learning the secrets of manifestation.
Now, you don't have to physically travel to the mountains to experience this blissful state of being.

✨ Introducing "365 Days of Inspiration" - an extraordinary online course by Ilona Selke, that will transport you to the realm of self-discovery, connection, and growth. Become a modern-day Master, by tapping into your true potential, and do that from the comfort of your own space.

🌌 Immerse Yourself in Daily Inspirations: Receive powerful video messages every day, that resonate with your soul, and guide you towards your dreams. Let the wisdom of Ilona Selke touch your heart and awaken your spirit.

🧘‍♀️ Learn the Art of Manifestation: Unlock the secrets of manifestation, as you discover practical tools and techniques to bring your dreams to life. Break free from limitations and witness the wonders of the universe unfold before your eyes.

🌍 Connect with an Inspiring Community: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are on the same path of self-discovery. Share insights, support, and encouragement as you collectively transform and grow.

✨ Embrace the Magic of Daily Living: Experience the joy and fulfillment of conscious life. Let go of the hustle and bustle, and invite and invest into your serenity, creativity, and passion in every moment. Rediscover the true meaning of living.
The Himalayan mountains may be far away, but the transformative journey starts right here, right now.

Are you ready to embark on a path of self-realization and connect with a community that uplifts and inspires?
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become the modern-day yogi or yogini you were destined to be.

Try some of the days for FREE from the Curriculum.
Together, let's manifest our dreams, deepen our meditation practice, and create a powerful community of growth and connection.
The Himalayas await you in spirit Join us on this life-changing adventure!
Here is what awaits you in the 365-Day-Manifestation Course
365 daily inspirational text
365 daily videos
365 daily quotes, images
365 actionable suggestions to make your book knowledge real
52 weekly inspirational 30-minute meditations
12 monthly LIVE ZOOM MEETINGS with meditations and sharing
12 distinct topics, that you can focus on, one per month
The LFV-Lite APP will help you stay focused every day
Daily Emails that will remind you and help you log in with ease
All this will guide you throughout the year

In your monthly subscription, you receive the following:

This monthly subscription plan offers the most value at the most affordable price.
The subscription is debited monthly and can be paused or canceled at any time
The VAT is automatically added at check-out according to the state or country of your location.


Daily Steps to Manifestation Mastery.

The 365-Day Course helps you stay on track with your spiritual development,
every day
for just $1 per day
The weekly meditations of the 365-Day Manifestation Course serve as a mental guideline for the week. They uplift you and give your week focus vision and tools to make the best week ever.
The monthly LIVE meditations, led by Ilona Selke, take place once a month on ZOOM in a group setting. You will experience one or two meditations, have time to share one-on-one and in the group, and experience the power of like-minded working together.
The times and links will be announced to all members of the course and a reminder will be sent the day before the event.
Of course, you will also be able to listen to the recording at any time that is convenient for you.
This course gives you the very best tools and the most well-rounded support to stay on track with your development.

The LFV Lite APP

With your daily meditations with the LFV Lite App, you define every day in advance what you wish to manifest.

You will choose one goal you wish to accomplish and one important choice that is valuable to your heart and soul, that you wish to experience that day.

With the LFV Lite APP your morning and evening meditations are right at your fingertips, right where you are.

Join & sign up TODAY

Do something today, for which your Future-Self will thank you.

Cancel anytime

Frequently Asked Questions HÄUFIG GEFRAGTE FRAGEN

How long do I have access to the course and what is the best way to do the course?
You have access to the course, the quotes app and the monthly meditations. as long as you pay the monthly fee You will receive an e-mail from Ilona Selke once a day and you can be inspired by the QUOTATIONS by IONA SELKE, or by the additional texts to delve deeper into the topic of the day. Short questions at the end of each text will actively support you in your process of development, reflection and vision development. The weekly meditations give you the guide of the week and you can do them for yourself at home whenever you have time. You can cancel the subscription at any time.
How do I participate in the weekly and monthly meditations?
You can find the weekly meditations as video recordings in the 365 Day Manifestation Course. The monthly meditations are led by Ilona Selke LIVE on ZOOM. Interactive, deep exercises and guided meditations by Ilona Selke, as well as the exchange with questions and answers are part of this monthly event. You will receive the link to this via email every month after you have registered. You can also listen to the LIVE meditation afterward, as a recording, at a time that suits you.
How to get the LFV LLITE APP with the morning and evening meditations?
We will send you a link for the LFV LITE app to download this app for free once you have signed up. As long as you participate, you have access to the LFV LITE app.
How do I participate in the monthly meditations?
The weekly meditations are included in the online course. Ilona Selke's monthly meditations are conducted live via Zoom each month, and you will receive the link via email the day before.

Get started now! JETZT ANFANGEN