Dream up your goals

"To the degree that our focal point of our soul increases, to that degree, the power with which we create will increase as well," speaks volumes about the deep connection between our innermost self, the degree of our focus, and our ability to manifest.

It also refers to our external expressions of creativity and productivity. It serves as a reminder and inspiration that our power to create and effect change in the world is intrinsically tied to our spiritual depth, capacity to reach into our deepest souls' core, and the wellspring of our awareness.

The 'focal point of our soul' can be akin to how high we rise to reach into our spiritual core, our essence, that part of us that goes beyond the physical and temporal. It is our reservoir of dreams, passions, and values, and provides the intensity to our life force. It is the wellspring from which our creativity, wisdom, and compassion emanate. And it is the compass that gives direction to our lives.

As we deepen our understanding of ourselves, of our emotions and beliefs, we grow. This growth is not merely personal but also profoundly spiritual. We cultivate our soul, we expand our consciousness, we increase our capacity for empathy, and we enhance our creative capabilities. Our capacity to dream, envision, and create magnifies as our soul finds greater depth.

But how do we increase the focal point of our soul? It starts with introspection, with honesty and courage to delve into our deepest selves. It requires patience to listen to the whispers of our hearts, humility to accept our flaws and learn from our mistakes, and resilience to withstand the trials of life. It requires a commitment to personal growth, to learning, and to continual transformation.

And as we cultivate our souls, we become more than mere spectators of life, we become creators. Our increased soul focus is not idle. It drives us to act, to create, to effect positive change. We grow capable of creating works of art, solutions, and innovations that carry our personal touch, our soul signature. We develop the capacity to influence our circumstances, to shape our destinies, and even to inspire and uplift others.

This power to create is not solely about producing physical artifacts or achieving tangible results. It is about influencing lives, transforming perspectives, kindling hope, and inspiring change. It is about creating a world filled with love, understanding, peace, and joy. 

So, let us embark on the spiritual journey of cultivating our souls. Let's illuminate our paths and expand our creative abilities. As we deepen the focal point of our soul, we become powerfully equipped to create a more meaningful, more vibrant, and more inspiring world.

Without goals, we are like a leaf in the wind and are driven by other forces

We are the eyes and hands of universal power, and we are conscious co-creators of our lives

Take some time today to reflect on what has fulfilled you in the last six months.

And then ask yourself what you want to experience and achieve in the next six months. 

People frequently think about what bothers them and about the shortcomings they want to improve, instead of focusing on what inspires and supports them and brings them true fulfillment.

However, it is easier to focus on a goal and overcome one’s shortcomings than to fight them.

Start this yearlong course with Ilona Selke by realizing what is good for you and what really satisfies you.

You will then automatically want to do more of what fulfills you and less of what is not good for you.


  • Set up your 365-Day Diary.
  • Take 5 minutes now to reflect on what went well during the last 6 months and what you are grateful for.
  • Next week we will focus on which goals you wish to manifest during the upcoming 6 months

Throughout the year you will want to refer back again and again to your 365-Day Diary writing down a new wish or reflecting and looking back on what worked and learning from what didn't.

Writing down your goals and aspirations is the first and most important step toward success and it can help you keep track of how many of your goals you have achieved over the years. You will be surprised in the years to come how many of your dreams will come true.

Throughout the year, you can pull out your 365-Day Diary and reflect on what was important to you at the beginning of the year.

  • You can always take stock and (re)focus on what is most important to you.
  • You will be amazed at all the wishes that have manifested in addition to your desired goals.

Your 365-Day Diary will help you to build more self-confidence because you will see that you will have achieved quite a lot in some areas, especially if you made the effort at the beginning of the year -or in the meanwhile- to set goals.

It will also be very interesting for you to watch how you improve year after year if you do these exercises regularly and repeat them every year.

Photo by Paulina B on Unsplash