How To Prevent Burnout and Improve Performance!

Panel Discussion

How To Prevent Burnout and Improve Performance!

We are excited to invite you to a captivating and informative panel discussion on "Preventing Burnout and Improving Performance" featuring esteemed experts in the field.

This event aims to shed light on essential topics like managing day-to-day stress, recognizing when to take a step back, and the art of recovering from burnout.

The panel includes renowned individuals with extensive expertise:

1. Dr. Don Paris - A distinguished authority in holistic health and wellness.

2. Ilona Selke - An inspiring thought leader in personal development and transformation.

3. Bilyana Georgieva - A former top CEO Team Manager and top TEDx Coach, now a corporate mindfulness trainer.

4. Takara Shelor - Engineer and manager turned 4-time bestselling author who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to transform their lives.

During this discussion, you will learn invaluable strategies and state-of-the-art technology to calm the body-mind system within minutes.

Our esteemed panelists will share personal tools that can significantly improve your performance and overall well-being.

Whether you are seeking ways to prevent burnout, manage stress effectively, or simply elevate your performance to new heights, this event promises to deliver profound insights and actionable takeaways.

Take charge of this golden opportunity to gain powerful knowledge and connect with experts who have transformed lives and their own burnouts!