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YOGA, BREATH & CHAKRAS Training with Ilona Selke

The word yoga comes from the root YUJ, which means to join together. It can be said that yoga is the joining together of the individual lower self with the universal higher self, the invisible and indivisible spark of God that resides within every one.

Yoga is not a belief system and not a religion. It is a practical method which allows you to tune into the higher wisdom of your inner self.

By realizing that our waking state of consciousness keeps us focused on the external world, we consciously employ yoga, the science of breath, and other consciousness training tools which are offered here in the Masterclasses by Ilona Selke, to move into the greater states of consciousness that are way beyond the logical mind.

Instead of trapping our attention in the world of opposites, the world only perceivable by the senses, we learn to raise our vibration and calm our mind in order to access the sublime divine states of consciousness that are available to every person.

By slowing down your breath, by slowing down your body movements, you will increasingly get in touch with your inner wisdom, and your intuition.

Typically we think of Yoga as YOGA POSES, called Asanas.

But exercising and stretching the body is just but one aspect of the path of yoga, the path of union of consciousness with the divine.

However, it is important to know that the Asanas, the YOGA POSTURES are only one of the eight limbs that make up the path of yoga.

Breath control is another aspect of the path of yoga, also called PRANAYAMA, which has as its goal to withdraw the mind from the external world and place the attention fully onto the internal world.

In my expanded course called YOGA, BREATH and CHAKRAS, we practice some more techniques of utilizing breath in order to deepen your focus and to access higher states of consciousness.

Mindfulness for example is one of the tools to develop your ability to see beyond the curtain of matter.

The goal of yoga is Samadhi, which is that spiritual state when one's mind is so absorbed in whatever it is contemplating on, that the mind loses the sense of its own identity. The thinker, the thought process and the thought fuse with the subject of thought. There is only
oneness, samadhi.

When the essence is bonded into the physical form without the ability to distinguish itself from matter, it finds itself in bondage. The path of yoga and the science of yoga is seeking to rise into the reality beyond that and realize the pure essence of consciousness, which exists as the primary cause of all.

Whatever your world view, you can do yoga for many reasons.

You may seek physical fitness, flexibility, and inner sense of calmness and nothing more. You can practice Yoga just for that purpose.

For others it might be that you intuitively know that there is something operating within yourself that is the driver for all your feelings, thoughts.

You may intuitively feel that the ultimate secret of life can be found in the discovery of what consciousness is.

You may be sensing that consciousness, is the primary source and driver of all that is, and it needs to be discovered ever more.

It is my hope to offer you various tools in this Online Masterclass School by Ilona Selke to discover your true essence and become fully awakened in the seat of your soul.

Yours, Ilona Selke


Your Instructor

Ilona Selke
Ilona Selke

Ilona Selke has inspired thousands of people world wide during the last 30 years to co-create reality, to discover the power of a spiritual mind in a practical way, and how to live and manifest their dreams.

She has appeared on TV and on the Radio, has been a favorite speaker at the Prophet's conferences, and has been quoted in many books for the contribution of her inspirational work.

Ilona Selke has taught seminars for the last 30 years around the world both in English in German, such as in Bali, North America, Australia, India, England, France, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland.

Her first book Wisdom of the Dolphins, available in five languages, is about the magic of dolphins and teaches how to access the holographic universe through the power of our dream-time mind. Her second book Alin learns to use His Imagination is a children’s book. It is very well loved by parents and therapists for its therapeutic value. It is available in English, German, Polish, Hindi and Russian.

Her third book about Soul mates, Free Will, Destiny, Dolphins and shifting the Time Space Matrix is called Dolphins, Love & Destiny with a subtitle Yoga of the Soul.

Her latest book Dream Big - The Universe Is Listening takes the reader on a tour de force around the world to discover the hidden secrets on how we manifest with our thoughts, and how time and space are bendable.

She lives with her husband of 33 years, author Don Paris, Ph.D.hc., on an island in the Northwest Pacific of the USA in their geodesic Dome Home and in Bali, where they own a Retreat Center called Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center.


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