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This series of easy Yoga exercises will transform you body gently and easily with daily practice. Learn the positions and the flow of the asanas (positions) by following Ilona Selke on video. This YOGA sequence only takes 20 minutes and gives you resilience, strength and a sense of aliveness very quickly.

After you have mastered the progression of the exercises by watching the VIDEO which usually only takes a week to learn, you can use the provided AUDIO MP3 and listen to Ilona's voice guiding you through your EASY YOGA morning routine.

The beautiful background music is from the Inner Spheres CD by Don Paris and Ilona Selke.

Welcome to Daily Yoga with Ilona Selke!

Welcome to your Daily Yoga!

Is your life calm like a lake, or do you yearn to create moments of calm in your daily life?

Are you exercising as much as you would like to, or as you think you should?

Do you feel that you should be exercising more often, but find it difficult to find the discipline? Maybe there isn’t a teacher nearby, or the schools are too far away, or you don’t have the extra time to drive to your classes?

Let’s face it, we all live in a fast paced life, and the things that matter most to us suffer the most.

We take care of everybody else’s needs, but tend to forget our own needs in the process.

We know we should exercise more and take time for ourselves.

When you come home from work you probably have loads of things to do and the last thing you have time for is yourself.

But that’s about to change. You will be able to have the peaceful quiet for yourself once a day at least.

I have made it EASY for you to take a minute vacation.

Join me in doing your DAILY EASY YOGA!

In order to get started all you have to do is watch the EASY YOGA VIDEO once all the way through.

Next, you exercise yoga a couple of times together with me, Ilona Selke, on the yoga video.

Once you get the poses right, by watching the yoga video you can then graduate to just listening to the audio instructions on the MP3.

It is for this reason that I’ve provided for you the YOGA VIDEO, as well as the MP3 AUDIO version.

Once you’ve mastered the moves which usually takes just one week you can download the MP 3 audio file onto your cell phone or your computer, and simply follow the audio constructions on the MP3 file and do yoga where ever you wish.

Let my voice guide you every day for 20 minutes. You will see results!

I still listen to my own Yoga exercise MP3 pretty much every day. I’ve done this now for decades!

Join me in this easy to follow yoga routine for the next week. You will see that just one week will make a difference in your life.

This 20 minute yoga routine can fit into anybody’s time schedule.

It’s so easy to follow and you can play the video and audio wherever you are.

There is no more need to get in a car and go to a class!

I started doing yoga when I was five years old. My mom was so excited to see how limber my sister and I were. Doing yoga seemed so very natural when we were children, and we were fond of putting our toes into our mouths.

In this Yoga Training Program I will not require you to become a pretzel, nor do I want you to stretch further than your natural limits.

As a matter of fact I would like to make sure that you only a stretch as far as you feel and as far as you can easily do it.

Easy does it!

With every passing day you will see that your strength increases, your flexibility increases, and that you feel increasingly confident with your Yoga poses.

Yoga is the art of union.

It’s the union between your body, mind and soul.

It’s the union of your breath, your body and your spirit.

Your Instructor

Ilona Selke ENGLISH
Ilona Selke ENGLISH

Ilona Selke ist eine internationale Bestsellerautorin, Seminarleiterin, Dozentin und Musikerin sowie Geschäftsführerin und Mitbegründerin von Living from Vision. In über 30 Jahren hat Ilona Tausende von Menschen weltweit dazu inspiriert, die Kraft ihres Bewusstseins zu entdecken und ein erfolgreiches Leben zu schaffen.

Sie hat vier Bücher geschrieben, 25 Musik- und Meditations-CDs produziert und zwei Bücher geschrieben, eines mit Brian Tracy und eines mit Jack Canfield. Ihr neues Buch „Dream Big: Das Universum hört zu“ bietet sowohl Geschichten aus der Transformation als auch praktische Tipps, mit denen jeder sein Leben von innen nach außen verändern kann.

Ilona hat ein wöchentliches TV-Programm namens „Quantum Living“, das in zahlreichen Fernseh- und Radioshows erschien und in verschiedenen Büchern und Filmen interviewt und zitiert wurde.

Sie ist eine beliebte Rednerin für den Hay House Summit in Amerika und Deutschland sowie für eine Reihe anderer prominenter Geist-Körper-Geist-Konferenzen. Sie spricht fließend Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch und Indonesisch. Zusammen mit ihrem Ehemann, Don Paris, unterstützte Ilona die Erforschung der Quantenphysik mit einem Werkzeug namens SE-5 1000.

Das Ehepaar errichtete 2007 auch das Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center das Wasser mit Delphinen und schrieb zwei Bücher über die Weisheit, die sie aus ihrer Zeit mit ihnen gewonnen hat. Sie und ihr Mann teilen sich die Zeit zwischen ihrem Zuhause in Ubud, Bali, ihrem Rückzugszentrum an der Nordküste von Bali und ihrem geodätischen Kuppelhaus auf einer Insel im Pazifischen Nordwesten der Vereinigten Staaten.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.IlonaSelke.de und www.LebenAusDerVision.com

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