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Living From Vision®

A Miraculous Course for Manifesting Your Dreams and
Aligning With Your Purpose

By Dr. Rod Newton and Ilona Selke

Welcome to the Living From Vision 5-Week Online Course!

Are you wanting to manifest the next level of your success?

Let us help you manifest your dreams so you can live your purpose in life.

You can learn how to shape the fabric of life. We are destined to realize the hidden laws of the universe, which is part of the evolutionary path.

You can perform 'miracles' because you can learn how to pre-create and how to work from the inside out.

You will feel less stress, increase creativity, ease at problem-solving, and manifest your goals.

Most people move from feeling ‘average’ to ‘very happy’.

When given a Happiness Scale from 0 – 10, most people place themselves around 6.5.

However, LFV Participants actually move from 6.5 to 9 across the board in their self-assessment of their happiness level at the end of the Living From Vision Course.

  1. You will be able to watch your goals and dreams come true through the metaphoric method of manifesting.
  2. You will start feeling that you are in the driver’s seat of your life.
  3. You will feel more powerful and empowered and heighten your self-esteem.
  4. You will find your intuition improves greatly and your inner guidance becomes more accurate.


If you want to strengthen the power of your mind to create, manifest, train your intuition, and explore your life's purpose then THIS is the course for you!

This course, Living From Vision®, teaches whole-brain thinking, imagery, relaxed focusing, and how to take immediate action.

It provides step-by-step techniques, that you practice daily until you get the results you want.

No matter how many trainings you have taken, this course will give you wings.

"It is a grand recipe that actually works!" (as quoted by customers worldwide)

This course trains your mind and emotions to habitually refocus on what you really want, instead of complaining about what is not working, either individually or even globally.

You will start to actually live what you truly envision.

By dealing clearly with the feedback which you might encounter as your actionsa and visions begin to manifest, either positive or negative, you will see how obstacles are easily resolved, and the natural flow of creation comes through you.


Watch this short animation video to get an idea!

We all can learn to focus our attention, our mind, our energy more effectively. With Living From Vision it becomes truly easy

Read more about Living From Vision® in

Ilona Selke's Bestseller book

DREAM BIG - The Universe is Listening

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This course really delivers!

A structured five-week course leads you to actually live what you truly envision.

TESTDRIVE to day this INTRODUCTORY COURSE that gives you a taste of how this course is taught!

  • Discover your life's purpose
  • How to manifest your visions, goals, and wishes
  • How to find and express your personal purpose
  • Step-by-step methods to ensure your goals come to life
  • How to deal with negative emotions, and make them work for you
  • To handle stress effectively
  • How to create a happy life, and sit in the driver’s seat of your life
  • Develop your creativity…. yes, … write, sing, travel….
  • Have your financial dreams come true
  • Develop your emotional and intuitive IQ
  • Make the special projects you have been dreaming about come true
  • Face your fears…. turn them around to become your allies
  • Feel empowered
  • Develop a higher version of YOU and live it
  • Create your Ideal Pregnancy & Birth: Pre-envision your ideal birth scenario in advance
  • Create your Ideal Health, Fitness & Weight Loss: Utilize the power of your inner mind to create the health and body you want.

"I owe this course a debt of gratitude for opening the window to my soul's ability to create. I am truly living from "Vision" more and more every day."

- O. Morrisen

"I have taken similar courses for a lot more money. This course could easily cost 10 X the amount and still outshine all the others. It is marvelous how my life has turned around since last year! I have the relationship I want, I am in my own creative business since then. All that happened as a result of me applying the principles of Living From Vision."

- Manfred Wesel

"After my practice of the LFV techniques, since July 2014, I find it to be the most direct approach to manifestation. Anything, absolutely anything, that I wish for, can be manifest. I just close my eyes and feel and experience it, as if if were already in my reality. I can do this anytime."

- Tracy Kelly


All my dreams came true!

Your Instructor IHR KURSLEITER

Ilona Selke and Dr. Rod Newton
Ilona Selke and Dr. Rod Newton

Ilona Selke is the international bestselling author of the books Wisdom of the Dolphins and Dream Big - The Universe is Listening promoted the Living From Vision Course, which was originally created by Dr. Rod Newton.

Dr. Rod Newton is a Chiropractic Doctor and Personal Growth Coach, in Ashland OR. He created the LFV Course originally under the title of Power of Choice and was working with Dr. Vernon Wolf, creator of Holodynamics, whose work influenced the creation of the Living From Vision Course greatly.

Since early childhood, he's loved to do three things: explore with an insatiable curiosity, synthesize and integrate what he's found, and share what he's discovered with others. These lifelong passions have shaped his career and approach to personal growth and healing.

Ilona Selke lives with her husband of 35+ years, author Don Paris, Ph.D.hc., on an island in the Northwest Pacific of the USA in their geodesic Dome Home and in Bali, where she and her husband own a Retreat Center called Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center

Ilona Selke has inspired thousands of people to co-create reality, discover the power of our multi-dimensional and spiritual mind in a practical way, and how to live and manifest our dreams.

She has appeared on TV and on the Radio, has been a favorite speaker at the Prophet's Conferences, and has been quoted in many books for the contribution of her inspirational work.

Ilona Selke has taught seminars for the last 35 years around the world both in English in German, such as in Bali, North America, Australia, India, England, France, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland.

  1. Her first book Wisdom of the Dolphins, available in five languages, is about the magic of dolphins and teaches how to access the holographic universe through the power of our dream-time mind.
  2. Her second book Alin Learns to Use His Imagination is a children’s book. It is very well-loved by parents and therapists for its therapeutic value. It is available in English, German, Hindi, and Russian.
  3. Her third book about Soul mates, Free Will, Destiny, Dolphins, and Shifting the Time Space Matrix is called Dolphins, Love & Destiny with the subtitle Yoga of the Soul.
  4. Her fourth book titled Dream Big - The Universe Is Listening was already a best-seller in the USA, AU, CA, GB, and Germany and inspires and teaches readers to break the boundaries of time and space and to master the 3D Matrix.
  5. The Living From Vision® course is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Czechoslovakian, and Chinese.

She has appeared on many radio shows and Tele-summits, as well as conferences, and has helped thousands of people across the globe to deeply transform their lives.

Course Curriculum STUDIENPLAN

  Living From Vision - A Miraculous Adventure. Introduction & Instructions
Available in ZUGÄNGIG IN days TAGE
  WEEK FIVE: Transformation
Available in ZUGÄNGIG IN days TAGE

Frequently Asked Questions HÄUFIG GEFRAGTE FRAGEN

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. This INTRODUCTORY COURSE will give you a taste of the LFV 5-Week Course and will allow you to test-drive the LFV course for free, to then make your choice to continue with us!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Will I receive an App to practice my daily meditations?
Of course! You will receive the LFV LITE App for FREE. However, WHEN you decide to do the complete LFV 5-Week Course, we will need to send you the COUPON CODE for the LFV Pro App so you can download it for free. The price of the LFV PRO APP on the Google Play Store or the iStore is $125 USD. The LFV PRO App is part and parcel of the LFV Course and your daily AM and PM audio exercises will bring you the results and positive changes.

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